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 Creating Lifelong Learners®

Could your child benefit from a brain-based learning enrichment program?

Does your child’s learning disability interfere with academic success?

Are you a college student completely disorganized because of executive dysfunction?

Is your spouse frustrated because ADHD interferes with career goals? 

When something interferes with the natural learning process and a person cannot overcome a learning challenge -- or determine a different way to be more successful in achieving a goal -- self-esteem quickly gets replaced with frustration, self-loathing, and ultimately avoidance.

Confident Student provides children and adults individualized coaching and consulting services based in neuroscience. Whether one-on-one or in a small group setting, Confident Student addresses unique learning needs not met in traditional settings.

Let Confident Student prepare a customized strategy plan supported by evidence-based research methods for you or your loved one. Our plans outline an individual’s natural strengths, respect his or her natural learning style, and break down important strategies to help attain greater success. Specialized instruction takes place at home, on school campus or at the workplace, and utilizes a multi-disciplinary and multi-sensory approach towards learning.  Confident Student coaches help redirect child and adult learners with a more individualized and effective learning &/or organizational process. Equipped with better strategies, and newfound confidence for success, Confident Student learners enjoy the lifelong rewards of learning.

Confident Student has been
selected as an "Approved Provider" by the

Maryland State Department of Education
Department of Rehabilitative Services (DORS)

Where I Can’t Becomes I CAN!

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